Services marketing


The markets we have successfully expanded into

North America:
Provide high-quality welding equipment to meet the North American market's requirements for advanced technology and reliability.
Established long-term business relationships with local customers and gained considerable market share.

South America:
Successfully met the demand for durable and high-performance welding products in the South American market.
We maintain close contact with our partners from multiple countries in South America and provide them with sustained support.

Southeast Asia:
Established mutual trust partnerships with businesses in Southeast Asia, providing adaptable products to meet the diverse market needs of the region

We have achieved significant market share in the region and continue to deepen our business.

Central Europe region:
By understanding the special needs of the China Europe market, we provide flexible solutions and establish close collaborative relationships with customers.
We have achieved considerable success in the Central European market, providing efficient welding solutions for local enterprises.
We are eager to expand our business into new markets

1. Global market:
Searching for new markets around the world and expanding our global business influence.
Provide personalized solutions tailored to the characteristics of different markets on different continents.

2. Emerging markets:
Explore emerging markets, especially in regions such as Africa and the Asia Pacific, and identify and meet the needs of potential customers.
Establish sustainable partnerships to drive the company's development in new markets.

3. Industry innovation market:
Looking for emerging markets in the welding field, such as advanced material welding, automated welding, etc., to meet the innovative needs of the industry.
Participate in industry innovation and provide cutting-edge solutions to customers.
By expanding our existing market share and exploring emerging markets, we hope to continuously consolidate our company's leading position in the welding industry and provide customers with

Provide broader and more comprehensive support.